Simple introduction of the indoor playground

Indoor playground very popular recent year, which is the most favorable play and exercises way for children ages under 5. All parts with soft protection, materials anti fire and non-toxic.  Colorful outlook with different themed images, multiple games attractive to children. Most children play frequently and become loyal customers.

Here we give a simple introduction to the structure of the indoor playground. In fact, the indoor playground just contains three elements: Frame, Games, and Decorations.

Normally, the frame is the standard grid, size 123cm by 123cm, height 140cm  (Customized size available, but cost higher).  Frame installed by the galvanized pipes with Connectors. Games attach to the grid, mostly by bolts. There are decks to link games. Stairs, climb, steps to link different levels. Of course, there are independent games can be chosen to put on the floor beside the frame. Painting panels, figures, colors selections define themed decorations.

Different thickness pipes available, the higher playground need the thicker pipe.

So many existing games available, and new games developed very fast. Existing games like the tunnel, slide, rainbow bridge, pole forest, spider hole, ball pit, trampoline etc. Soft riders like coconut tree, wave boat etc.

It is very easy to design your own indoor playground after understanding the above elements. The first step, confirm the size of the area for the playground, and how many areas for the frame, how many areas as floor area for independent games. The second step, choose games, put them in each grid, and on the floor.  The last step, confirm the theme and color, like the jungle, industry, ocean etc.

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