How a stainless playground slide made

Stainless playground slide very strong and anti-rust, it never broke and can stay in the bad environment. That means no worry about rough use, no need to put money on maintenance and the replacement after a short time use.

How a stainless playground slide made, and what material?


The material of Citfun’s stainless slide is 304 stainless board thickness 3mm, stainless pipe diameter 38mm thick 3mm too.

Engineer make the design with professional CAD software according to clients’ place and requirement. The CAD design will result in 3D rendering image and technical producing drawing. Workers cut 3mm 304 stainless slide by laser according to technical producing drawing. Cut round pipe and curved accordingly. Combine them and weld. Polishing the surface carefully until getting the perfect slide, especially the slide surface.


Stainless playground slide is customized, can be made to fit any place. Closed tunnel one for the high place, like from 2nd floor to 1st floor even higher. Open one on the low place, like playground equipment.

The disadvantage of stainless playground slide is the first investment, which several times higher than plastic slide. But average annual cost lower than plastic one if use more than 5 years. And someplace highly recommend stainless one: the public park landscape, water park, playground beside the ocean, even salt water park.

Citfun’s stainless playground slide promise lifetime warranty, provide free repair service if damaged.

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