Installation of indoor playground

Soft indoor playground attractive and safe for children, it can be decorated to multiple themes, very popular recent years.

Some people dream of openning a fantastic indoor playground with limit budget, it is expensive to hire workers for installation. Install by themself not only save cost but also know learning installation method. The owner can input more money on equipment but not installation and maintainance. Even can renew decoration and change themes when old playground dirty, broken and unattractive.

But it looks hard for person to install by themself that never install that before. Here give introduction of the best way to install indoor playground. As we introduced in previous articles, indoor playground contains three elements: frame, games and decorations. Frames contains metal pipe frame, safety net and soft pipe protection. Games contains so many creative equipment, it devoloped more than more. The same as the decorations. According to our experience, the most hard parts is safety net, soft pipe protection and games.We will introduce one by one in different articles.

If you want to know installation method of any accessories and parts, please message!

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