How to install artificial grass

Only need to glue the gap between grass sheet, no need to glue the whole grass to ground when install grass on flat ground.

Make sure grass and ground dry and clean when installing.

Incline direction of grass should be same when put grass on ground. There will be color difference and shape difference if grass incline direction different.

Tools: cutter, ladle, brush, rubber harmer



1-Prepare ground:

Two type ground: Cement ground or Asphalt ground.

Need little slope (about 5 degree) on ground, so as to lead water to drainage. Slope direction according to your design and drainage position.

Make sure ground flat and clean when installation grass.


2-Put and cut grass

Open grass and put on ground as designed place. Leave that on ground at least 24 hours to recover, because there is deformation during transportation.

Adjust grass position perfectly and cut excess side, leave a little excess and cut at last after glued.

Trim the back of connect side of grass, make the back of connect side flat, so as good glue performance.

3-Put connect sheet and glue to ground

Put connect sheet at the center of two grass sheets’ gap. Leave that 24 hours too.

Brush glue at the back of connect sheet and the ground for connect sheet. Leave it about 30 minutes, until feels dry when touch it. Combine the sheet to ground, knock by rubber harmer to make it strong.


4-Glue grass to ground

Brush glue to connect part of grass (about 15cm), the connect sheet and the ground at the gap place. Let it dry about 30 minutes. Touch it, knock rubber harmer when feels dry.


5-Trim and modify the side parts. Use that at least after 3 days.

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