Instruction of trackless tourist train

The electricity system already set before delivery, just connect locomotive with carriages after receive.


Below is the instruction of driving.

operation 1
  1. Turn on the Main Power Switch(1).
  2. Brakes(12), insert Key(2) and start.
  3. Turn on the Lights Switch(3).
  4. Turn on the Music Switch(6) if you want. Can adjust volume by Volume button(7).
  5.  Release the Hand Brake(10). The motor won’t work when Hand Brake on.
  6. Press button Forward or Backward(4).
  7. Step the Accelerator to forwarder or backward.
operation 3
operation 2

The train driven by 60v power, all of batteries on the locomotive. Charge time: 8 hours, Running time 7-8 hours with full battery. The power of the Motor is 1500w. Max speed 18km/h. There is Power Display(5) on the panel, please charge when low battery.

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