Install webbed net tunnel

Webbed net tunnel combined by 4 parts: plastic panel, plastic ring, webbed tunnel, metal circle support.


Normally there are 2 panel, 3 plastic rings, 2 webbed tunnel, 1 metal circle support. Steps:

  1. Install webbed net tunnel to plastic rings by bolts(it finished in factory already), two rings at two side, one ring at middle.
webbed net tunnel 02.jpg

2. Install panels to pillars. Then install the whole center part( 3 plastic ring and 2 webbed net) to panel at one side first by bolts(use plastic bolts caps).

webbed net tunnel 03.jpg

3. Install the metal circle support to connector, one at bottom, two at two pillars. Plug the middle plastic ring to metal circle support. Then install the whole center part to the other panel. Adjust position of plastic ring at the center and bolts to the metal circle support.

webbed net tunnel

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