Balance beam at indoor playground

There are two type to install balance beam.

First type:

There are 8 pipes as the frame structure of balance beam, 2 pipes under beam as support, 2 horizontal pipes and 4 inclined pipes as fence, a webbed net for protection.


Installing the webbed net when install those pipes, because net should be plug into those pipes. Holes at 4 side of webbed net, plug in 2 horizontal fence pipe and 4 inclined fence pipe. Safety net and soft pipe protection cover installed at last together.

web plug in pipe
single bridge

Second type:

The structure like the below picture, 4 inclined pipes installed to 2 lift up pipes, 2 side with horizontal fences, but no bottom pipes under the beam.  The webbed net should be plug into inclined pipe and fence pipe too. The beam put on the lift up pipes after soft protection pipe cover installed.

Remember to leave about 7cm space between the lift up pipe and the platform pipe.


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