How to install tunnel slide

We test installation of tunnel slide before delivery. It divide to several parts after make mark on tunnel. Mark like A1, A2… at the connect position of one parts, the same mark A1, A2 at the other parts, just connect those parts by align the mark and bolts them together.

You should install from top to bottom. Install gate panel to frame by bolts. Leave about 5cm space for platform if there is.

snake slide panel

Install the first tunnel part to the panel,  bolts them if there is mark for alignment. Do not bolts if no mark for alignment, you have to adjust position!!!

There are metal support for supportting the tunnel, please install them. Have holes on tunnel already.

snake slide 2

Install the second tunnel part to first part afterwards according to mark, until the last exit part complete.

snake slide 3

Snake tunnel slide above divided to 3 parts, each parts have 2 tubes. And it have two support frame.

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