Manuel of electrical train with track

Parts and Run

Parts: One Locomotive, Three Carriages, One Control Box .

Work: Input AC 220V electricity, transform to DC 24V by control box, then output to railway.


1.Install Track: there is number at two side of each track, like A1, B2 etc, Connect A1 to A1, B2 to B2. Leave one part of track install after carriages on, because there are embed wheels under the metal track.(Different train use different pipe as track, normall track square pipe 40*40mm and 50*50mm)

assemble track1

2.Put Locomotive and Carriage one by one on the track Counterclockwise, there is embed wheels for hooking the track, please insert wheels to track. Then connect each carriages by connector pole with bolts(different connector pole available). Install the last part of track, close the railway.


3.There are two wires in the control box, one with plug for input electricity(220V), the other output wire with metal circle for connecting track. Connect that to the feet of track on sleeper by bolts. + for inside track, – for outside track.Wire connecting track


Connectting input wire,  Power light on( the emergency button loose if power light not on). Press Bell for noticing everyone that train will run soon. Every passanger safety belt on. Rest people keed distance from the railway.

control box1

Press Start button, running light  on, train will speed up slowly. There are 4 speed for option. Press Stop button to stop train if want to stop before time over.

Set running time, music and music volume by controller inside control box. Keeps press + button for raising time, – button for reducing time. Plug a SD card for change music.

control box3


  1. Keep 1.5 meters safety distance around rail way.
  2. Passengers should belt when run.
  3. On and off train when train stop.
  4. Input electricity should be off when check problems.
  5. Emergency off train when train run out of railway.
  6. Keep inside track no electricity connection with outside track.

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