Safety net of indoor playground

There is easy way to finish safety net fast and good. Width of safety net is about 3 meters Wrape the wall of the playground, cut the extra side net during instlallation if height of playground smaller than 3 meters. But remember, cut safety net straightly, so as to get perfect nice safety net installation. Below is the detailed instruction

Cut the head of safety net straightly, Tie safety net to start pillar first, remember pulling the net tightly during installation. Then tie at the top and bottom horizontal pipes (safety net would be wider than the height, you have to cut extra safety net straightly), need 2 people to do this, one for the top pipe, the other for the bottom pipe.  Two people work at the similar speed better, safety net will be distorted. Check below picture for reference.

1st wrap around

Cut the place where not need safety net, like cut a window. But remember do not cut 4 sides at the same time, cut one side, tie that side first, then cut the next side. Remind again: Cut straightly.

2nd cut window

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