Soft pipe protection cover of indoor playground

Need patient and method to make pipe cover fit frame perfect and looks fantanstic, installation of soft pipe protection cover is very detailed decoration work. Standard soft pipe protection cover length 2.5 meters, inside diameter 5cm, outside diameter 8cm.

Install pipe cover for all pillars first, leave the horizontal pipes at the last.

How to install pipe cover for pillars?

1.Measure the height of the pillar, cut pipe cover the same height as the pillar (the most pillar heigher than 2.5 meters, you have to put one whole pipe cover and cut an extra pillar to fit).


2. Measure the Distance of each horizontal pipe that fixed to that pillar from ground and find Direction of them(horizontal pipe).


3. Mark point on pipe cover according to Distance and Directions. (Mark the Center Point)


4.Use Point as the center, draw a circle on the pipe cover diameter about 6cm. (find a tool to help drawing circle, the more round the better)


5.Cut holes according to the circle by cutter.

6.Find Directions of Safety Net on that pillar.


7.Cut gap on the pipe cover according to the Directions of Safety Net. (There is already a gap on the pipe cover, remember consider that in advance before mark point and cut circle)

Below two drawings from our customers who understood well.


8. Install pipe cover very easy now after cut holes and gaps, just put that on pillar, it will fit very well.

Recommend making a mold for cutting length and mark point on pipe, which easy, fast and accurate. Because most length of pipe and position of points are standard measurement.


How to install pipe cover for horizontal pipes? It’s very easy now.

1.Measure distance between two pillars (after pipe cover for pillars installed), cut horizontal pipe cover about 4cm longer than that.


2.Cut radian at the two side to fit the pillars, about 2cm depth at one side(The pipe 4cm longer, check step 1).

3.Cut gap according direction of safety net.

Use a mold to cut pipe and mark point will help.

At the last, lock the pipe cover strongly by the plastic cable tie.


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