Installation guide of indoor playground

Below give steps of installation. We will provide detailed instruction after playground delivered.

First step: install EVA mats.

Put EVA mats on floor, put a protection film above mats for protect mats during installation. Remove that after playground complete.

Second step: install metal frame and parts attached to metal frame.

We will send detailed drawing guide for metal frame for playground you ordered. that drawing shows position of pillars and horizontal pipes on each level, fixed them to pillars by connectors. You can start from A1 and spread, install row by row. (There are yellow plastic tube foot for pillars, plug them in pillar and stand on ground.Top level: There are MARKS at two side of top level horizontal pipe, like F1 at one side, F2 at another side. Connect F1 to F1 pillar, F2 to F2 pillar.

And will list parts that should be installed during this step, detailed installation method of such parts post on our blog.

(Different designs with different games, we can’t list here.)

Third Step: install safety net.

There is easy way to install that fast and perfect. Article of guide on our blog.

Fourth step: install colorful foam protection pipe on tube.

There is detailed instruction on blog showing the method.

Fifth step: install platforms, decoration panels and other soft games.

We will list other soft games. (different designs with different soft games, can’t list here)

Contact us if need more information!

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