How to install artificial grass

Only need to glue the gap between grass sheet, no need to glue the whole grass to ground when install grass on flat ground. Make sure grass and ground dry and clean when installing. Incline direction of grass should be same when put grass on ground. There will be color difference and shape difference ifContinue reading “How to install artificial grass”

Installation of indoor playground

Soft indoor playground attractive and safe for children, it can be decorated to multiple themes, very popular recent years. Some people dream of openning a fantastic indoor playground with limit budget, it is expensive to hire workers for installation. Install by themself not only save cost but also know learning installation method. The owner canContinue reading “Installation of indoor playground”

Installation guide of small plastic playground equipment

The small plastic playground fit for small kids age from 8 months to 4 years. It lower and smaller than standard playground, accessories total plastic, with more close gate, fence, provide protection to little kids and toddler. It could be installed at both indoor and outdoor. With small size, good option for people have smallContinue reading “Installation guide of small plastic playground equipment”

How a stainless playground slide made

Stainless playground slide very strong and anti-rust, it never broke and can stay in the bad environment. That means no worry about rough use, no need to put money on maintenance and the replacement after a short time use. How a stainless playground slide made, and what material? The material of Citfun’s stainless slide isContinue reading “How a stainless playground slide made”

Simple introduction of the indoor playground

Indoor playground very popular recent year, which is the most favorable play and exercises way for children ages under 5. All parts with soft protection, materials anti fire and non-toxic.  Colorful outlook with different themed images, multiple games attractive to children. Most children play frequently and become loyal customers. Here we give a simple introductionContinue reading “Simple introduction of the indoor playground”