Portable soft play TC-009C

TC-009C, jungle theme portable soft play equipment good for party rent and hire, contains 4 cuboid moduels size 150L*80W*200Hcm and 1 slide module, cost USD 2700. Games, colors and themes can be customized according to requirement, adding modules and change combination also available. You can purchase extra soft play and plastic play to make itContinue reading “Portable soft play TC-009C”

Mobile play equipment PTC-002C

PTC-002C, combined by 6 cubic modules and 1 board entrance module Dimension is 300cm wide, 380cm deep and 200cm height. Fast assembly and disassembly, set up in 15 minutes. Easy to move, each cubic module weight about 40 kilogram, each moved by two person. Size of each cubic module is 80*150*200cm. Games and colors onContinue reading “Mobile play equipment PTC-002C”