Citfun’s rectangular soft ball pit RT-004B

Got photos from customer from America of rectangular soft ball pit. Size of that is 300cm long, 200cm wide and 50cm high, about 10ft long, 7ft wide and 20 inches high, contains 4000 balls. Different colors of balls available. Cost of that set is USD 450. She print washable logo on ball pit, can beContinue reading “Citfun’s rectangular soft ball pit RT-004B”

Item list of TC-008B soft play package

Soft play package TC-008B, size 5×8 meters, contains a soft pyramid and blance beam RT-011G, a turn around climb and slide RT-002A, a soft block building RT-020A, a soft climb tunnel and slide RT-016H, a white inflatable tent, 35 square meters of eva mats. Price is USD 3100 including inflatable tent, USD 2300 without inflatableContinue reading “Item list of TC-008B soft play package”

Citfun’s different color soft square ball pit

Citfun’s square soft ball pit, size 2.5×2.5 meters ( 8.2×8.2ft), height 50cm (20 inch), contains 4000 balls. Custom color of ball pit and balls, price USD 490. We also can custom size of ball pit. Find more soft play packages and single item on citfun’s catalog. Contact us to custom your own style soft playContinue reading “Citfun’s different color soft square ball pit”