Installation Guide

Install webbed net tunnel

Webbed net tunnel combined by 4 parts: plastic panel, plastic ring, webbed tunnel, metal circle support. Normally there are 2 panel, 3 plastic rings, 2 webbed tunnel, 1 metal circle support. Steps: Install webbed net tunnel to plastic rings by bolts(it finished in factory already), two rings at two side, one ring at middle. 2. …

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Instruction of trackless tourist train

The electricity system already set before delivery, just connect locomotive with carriages after receive. Below is the instruction of driving. Turn on the Main Power Switch(1). Brakes(12), insert Key(2) and start. Turn on the Lights Switch(3). Turn on the Music Switch(6) if you want. Can adjust volume by Volume button(7).  Release the Hand Brake(10). The …

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How to install artificial grass

Only need to glue the gap between grass sheet, no need to glue the whole grass to ground when install grass on flat ground. Make sure grass and ground dry and clean when installing. Incline direction of grass should be same when put grass on ground. There will be color difference and shape difference if …

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Installation of indoor playground

Soft indoor playground attractive and safe for children, it can be decorated to multiple themes, very popular recent years. Some people dream of openning a fantastic indoor playground with limit budget, it is expensive to hire workers for installation. Install by themself not only save cost but also know learning installation method. The owner can …

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Installation guide of small plastic playground equipment

The small plastic playground fit for small kids age from 8 months to 4 years. It lower and smaller than standard playground, accessories total plastic, with more close gate, fence, provide protection to little kids and toddler. It could be installed at both indoor and outdoor. With small size, good option for people have small …

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