Citfun’s new kids plastic fence for play area

Citfun has several new styles of kids plastic fence launch, with fast open function, both have light color and dark color styles, with gate fence and game fence. Plastic fence is a essential equipment for play area, playground, in group with some small games, toys. Plastic fence surround area can be any size, any shape,Continue reading “Citfun’s new kids plastic fence for play area”

Big block building the same as the Lego type

Big block building same as the Lego type, material ABS, quality very good, colors customizable. It is big type, so that easier for kids to install. There are 9 types of basic blocks with so many different figures like plane, girl, boy, car, wheel, tunnel, animals, farms, playground etc. Buying any combination quantity is ok,Continue reading “Big block building the same as the Lego type”

“Pint Size Party”-one of customers in America

“Pint Size Party” is a soft play party rental packages company, who imported lots of soft play from us. They start business in a year, now have 5 packages for rent, and business very good. They are going to purchase extra packages to enlarge business recently. ASIDE FROM BIRTHDAY PARTIES, THEY ALSO DO: Community Events,Continue reading ““Pint Size Party”-one of customers in America”