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“Pint Size Party”-one of customers in America

“Pint Size Party” is a soft play party rental packages company, who imported lots of soft play from us. They start business in a year, now have 5 packages for rent, and business very good. They are going to purchase extra packages to enlarge business recently. ASIDE FROM BIRTHDAY PARTIES, THEY ALSO DO: Community Events, […]

Rainbow stair of indoor playground

There are two types of rainbow stair. Type one: from ground to second level. Two pipes under Climb, connect longer side to Conector on horizontal pipe, lay another side on ground like below picture. Type two: rainbow stair in the air. Two side of the pipes under stair install to the connectors at the two […]

Installation of plastic cube for indoor playground

The position of the cube should be adjusted according to design. There are several situations: 1.Only cube: Let the eadge of the entrance hole align to the pillar, easier to enter. 2.Cube connect to tunnel: install panel to pillars, install tunnel to panel, connect cube to tunel. 3.Cube with a gate panel: install panel to […]

Installation guide of indoor playground

Below give steps of installation. We will provide detailed instruction after playground delivered. First step: install EVA mats. Put EVA mats on floor, put a protection film above mats for protect mats during installation. Remove that after playground complete. Second step: install metal frame and parts attached to metal frame. We will send detailed drawing […]

Soft pipe protection cover of indoor playground

Need patient and method to make pipe cover fit frame perfect and looks fantanstic, installation of soft pipe protection cover is very detailed decoration work. Standard soft pipe protection cover length 2.5 meters, inside diameter 5cm, outside diameter 8cm. Install pipe cover for all pillars first, leave the horizontal pipes at the last. How to […]

Safety net of indoor playground

There is easy way to finish safety net fast and good. Width of safety net is about 3 meters Wrape the wall of the playground, cut the extra side net during instlallation if height of playground smaller than 3 meters. But remember, cut safety net straightly, so as to get perfect nice safety net installation. […]

Straight plastic slide for indoor playground

PLASTIC STAIGHT SLIDE Drill hole on the head of slide. Drill the same distance hole on pipe (measure and mark the distance before drilling). Connect them by bolts. ( Put slide down after finish this step, leave long bolts on pipes, put slide back after safety net and soft protection pipe cover complete) GATE OF […]

Manuel of electrical train with track

Parts and Run Parts: One Locomotive, Three Carriages, One Control Box . Work: Input AC 220V electricity, transform to DC 24V by control box, then output to railway. Assembly 1.Install Track: there is number at two side of each track, like A1, B2 etc, Connect A1 to A1, B2 to B2. Leave one part of […]